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Project Description


Project Brief


A selection of initial proposals


The Inspiration


The initial tree design including interactive features


Further ideas including materials & leaf proposals


The concept of the tree breaking through the floor was born


The final drawings


A scale model was created to assist the final design


The tree installation


The blend of the old and new is clearly visible within the structure of the Royal Oak


The tree in it’s new surroundings


The Royal Oak bursts through into the ceiling giving the impression it’s growing through the terminal


The Kissing Corner was created to ‘spread the love’ within the arrivals area


The tree was unveiled by The Secretary of State for Transport


The Hi-Tech Arrivals Area Feature


MAG back
Can’t Dance were commissioned through a joint venture between East Midlands Airport and East Midlands Development Agency  to create an eye catching arrivals feature for East Midlands Airport. Can’t Dance were delighted to be involved in such a symbolic installation to raise the airport’s profile.

East Midlands Airport is recognized as setting the benchmark for sustainability having been recognized as the ‘World’s Leading Eco Friendly Airport’ in 2007. Our brief was to create a structure within the airport that symbolises the merging of the old and the new, celebrating the region’s strong historical roots and it’s innovative business environment whilst encompassing the airport’s ‘green’ credentials.
Through working with our team of structural engineers and designers, we have created the effect of a stylized tree breaking through the floor of the airport and growing through the building. Using different materials and treatments, the tree sits proudly for everyone to see, within the arrivals area. Working tirelessly to the end result, Can’t Dance delivered on time and on budget, with the tree now having pride of place as a structure within the airport.