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June 2012
New Can't Dance Website
Hey everyone, we are undergoing an evolution at Can't Dance. Our new website is being developed and whilst that's happening this page is static so please bear with us. In the meantime please visit our Facebook page CantdanceUK ( for all the latest Hot Gossip. Thanks and will let you know when it's all up and running.

January 2012
Busy little bees!
It's all busy busy busy here in the
studio and we are not the only
busy little bees around.

Check out this work but street artist Bumblebee. An American artist who's
work is inspired by bees! We've
found a great interview with him if
you want to find out more about
the 'buzz' surrounding him!


January 2012
Street Artist Snik shows us a thing or
two about stencils! These works are
so detailed and intricate we can't
take our eyes off them!!

Check out more of his work at:

January 2012
The Tribes!
One to watch in 2012! Camden boys,
The Tribes release their debut
album 'Baby' this month.
We also love the 'Thank You' billboard
they've put up for fans in Camden!

January 2012
Happy New Year!
To all our Cantdance friends
and fellow creatives we wish
you all a peaceful, successful
and creative 2012.

Let's hope it's even better
than 2011.

December 2011
Christmas at Camden Lock!
We also created this brilliant
piece of Guerilla Marketing.
If your in Camden over the
festive period and see this fella
wandering this way then think
of Can't Dance...We did it!

December 2011
Christmas at Camden Lock!
Didn't want to leave out these
little beauties we also created
for the side of the Market Hall.

December 2011
Christmas at Camden Lock!
Can't Dance have just put
the finishing touches to the
Christmas campaign we created
for Camden Lock Market.
Check out the 6ft stockings on
the side of the market hall!

December 2011
The Lioness Roars!
If you haven't bought/downloaded
this album yet then get to the
shops and get it now. There's
a reason why it went to number
one...RIP Amy!

November 2011
Depeche Mode!
Cantdance are on a
Depeche Mode trip and are
loving this double album
of remixes.

Take a trip down memory
lane...we just can't get enough!

November 2011
The Freud Museum!
Check out this sculpture
by Lucian Freuds daughter
taken from sketches during his
final moments.
The sculpture will be exhibited
at the Freud Museum with
the first 'tours' takign place in
Jan 2012.

October 2011
Michael Van Clarke
Website Launch!
We are pleased to announce
the launch of the MVC website.
It's been a long time coming.
Check it out here...

October 2011
What a great way to end the
month off with the purchase
of another stonking album.

Will Ceremonials live up to
it's predecessor Lungs.
Let's bleedin well hope so coz
that was a beauty.

florenceand the

October 2011
High Flying Birds!
Lots of music posts this month
but you can't ignore the fact that
Gallagher senior has delivered
his 1st solo album.

We've had it on non-stop here
and can't wait to see him at the
roundhouse this month.

Will let you know how it goes
if we live to tell the tale!

October 2011
Lili Vanilli!
We love these little 'Skull Cakes'
but not half asmuch as the name
of the shop...Lili Vanilli!

October 2011
The Roses Reform!
Is there anything else that
needs to be said apart from
the fact that we are absolutely
buzzing that the Roses are
reforming. Must remember to
get that ticket tel number
on speed dial!

Baggy is back...
did it ever really go away?

October 2011
Cantdance headed down to
the V&A to check out the
Postmodernism exhibition and
were blown away.

If you have the chance to check
it out we'd highly recommend it.

October 2011
Mary Queen Of Frocks

Buoyed on by the TV series we
headed down to House of Fraser
to see Mary Portas's new shop.
She's done it again and produced
a beautiful shop fusing fashion
and homeware. Check it out!

October 2011
Who, What, Why!
My Generation:
The Glory Years of British Rock

Cantdance headed down to see
this exciting series of photographs
by Harry Goodwin, resident
photographer on hit music show
Top of the Pops from 1964
to 1973. Make sure you see it
you pop rocks!

September 2011
Well here it is. We've been waiting
with baited breath. We've had
it on non-stop and we'll have
it on non-stop for a good few
months....lovin it!!

September 2011
Johnny Cupcakes!
We've just discovered the
brand Johnny Cupcakes.
The bakery is just of
Carnaby Street but check
out the website below for
all the other inspiring
things they do.

It's fuc*in magic!

September 2011
Lofty Heights!
Here's a little snap of some
vinyls we've just had
installed at a development
down in E1.

Another happy client...
well what would you expect
they came to Cantdance!!

September 2011
It's All In The Name!
People always think that
our company name is a
negative but we all know
that when we look closely
we're 'avin it really!

September 2011
L.U.V'in It Even More!
We created these little beauties

September 2011
L.U.V'in It!
Check out these bespoke
badges and plectrums we knocked
up for the L.U.V brand we created.
Visit for
more info OR

like us facebook

September 2011
We Are The Mods
We couldn't resist a quick
pose by this little Lammy.

Good job I put my Perry
and Harrington on!

August 2011
Watch The Throne
We simply love the new
collaberation of Jay Z and
Kanye West. It was gonna go
one of two ways and fortunatley
it's gone the right way and
very far. Check out new album
Watch The Throne, it's a corker.

Song 'That's My Bitch' is
number one on the
Cantdance stereo this week!

August 2011
A little reminder for all
those of you who are interested
in following more of our news,
thoughts and general chit chat
to follow us on Facebook.

Click below to make your
life even beter!

August 2011
L.U.V Camden
Well it came, we saw and it
conquered. L.U.V Camdens
official opening was a blast
and it's only gonna get better.
Check it out every Saturday at
Camden Lock Market.
for more information visit

August 2011
The Rapture
September the 2nd is fast
approaching and we are
wetting out pants with
anticipation of the new Rapture
album. Hope it's going to be
a stonker.

Check out more of their tunes
at the link below

August 2011
Amy Winehouse
We have been inundated with
tributes to magical singer and
Camden Icon Amy Winehouse
but we particularly love this
illustration by Jason Seiler.

Check out his website below
for more amazing illustrations.

August 2011
L.U.V Camden
We are dead proud of this brand
and event we have created!
Visit the link below for more info

July 2011
Fred Perry


July 2011
RIP Lucian Freud

We were saddened to hear
about the death of one of
lifes most inspirational
characters and artists.
He may of passed away but
his work lives on and on.

July 2011
Aitor Therup
Our latest discovery is
Aitor Therup. We checked
him out once we saw the
new Kasabian video which
he directed. Check out his
amazing website at

July 2011
The Horrors
Our album of the month is
the new release from
The Horrors. A shake and a roll
away from their old look and
sound, 'skying' is a beautiful
album that is getting loads
of play in our studio.
Have a listen to still life
on our stereo.

July 2011
Bjork is back and we love her
image. Embracing technology
Bjork is releasing an app for
every song on her new album.
For more details head to

July 2011
Brighton Rock
All the hype led us to watch
the remake of Brighton Rock.
Opionions were split...great
performance by Sam Riley but
story lacked any punch. Still
we loved the scooter scenes.

June 2011
Switchblade Smiles!
As you can imagine everyone
at Cantdance was super happy
when we found out about
Kasabian streaming their new
track nice and early.

It's a brilliant track (turn it up)
and we'll be waiting with baited
breath for the new album due
out in September.

June 2011
Mugler Shop Window!
Cantdance got very excited
when we saw this shopfront
of the Mugler window at
Colette Paris.

It's great to see creativity
running wild!

June 2011
Michael Van Clarke!
Cantdance have recently
completed an installation
for London's favourite hair
and beauty salon
Michael Van Clarke.
Pop into his salon to see
this installation (left) and
many more.

June 2011
Kate does Brazil!
Kate Moss continues to look does the
Croydon clothes horse do it?

This time it's another
photoshoot with acclaimed
photographer Mario Testino.

He's one lucky man!

June 2011
Biscuit Cushion!
Cantdance love this biscuit
cushion. The perfect place for
our Mandi to indulge in
her passion for cups of tea
and biscuits.

June 2011
Louis Spence!
Check out the latest member
of the cantdance fan club.

Despite being called Cantdance
we're actually alright for dance
classes Louis, however, we love
you to x

June 2011
Mick Jagger!
Cantdance are very excited
about one of the latest exhibitions
at the National Portrait Gallery.

It documents the singer's early rise to become one of the most influential
singer-songwriters of the era.

The exhibition runs from the
3rd May - 27th November.
See you there.

June 2011
My, what a big pussy you have!
Loving this little bit of
high street junglistic fashion!
It's not the kind of thing you see
on Oxford Street everyday eh!

June 2011
Hey, hey, hey. Check out this
little cheeky ad we put together.
Photography by our very own
David Bailey...Indie!

June 2011
Only One Kate!
Loving this image of Kate Moss!
The girl is completely
unstopable. For some more
truly inspiring pictures
head to...

May 2011
Anthology of a Decade!
Hedi Slimane is releasing this
mega book of icons throughout
the last decade. The book looks
amazing although the price looks
a bit tasty at £180 a pop!

May 2011
Miles Kane
Cantdance are excited about
getting their hands on the
new Miles Kane album due for
release on Monday the 9th.

We saw him and his band play
when supporting Beady Eye
which completely wetted our

New album Colour of The Trap
has only received great reviews
so bring it on!

May 2011
Farewell Mr Cooper!
Cantdance were sad to hear
about the loss of one of Britains
legends. Sporting icon
Henry Cooper passed away but
will forever be remembered for
putting Cassius Clay on the deck
as well as being one of the first
brand ambassidors. We all just
about remember the Brut ads eh!

April 2011
Royal Hoo Ha!
Big congrats to Billl & Kate.
Lovin this picture.
Good luck

April 2011
The Vaccines
Like all other Indie lovers
we have been playing the
Vaccines album again and again
and again.

A bit of a slow burner but now
we're lovin it!

It comes recommended by
The House of Cantdance.

April 2011
Don't be afraid to check out these
Modcasts. They're mega.

April 2011
Let's Read
Cantdance are proud to reveal
a new identity created for a
charity helping the children of
Ghana with their reading.

Working on this project we
as absolute pleasure

April 2011
Dance, Dance, Dance

Cantdance created a small but
beautifully formed ad
for an International Golf
Society Magazine.

We thought we'd share it
with you on this sunny day x

April 2011
Bip Ling

It all began with the words:
"My name is Bipasha Ling,
I am known as Bip."

At that moment one young
Londoner took to the
blogosphere to document all
that she thinks cool - and
suddenly the world got

Check out her blog for all
things cool!

March 2011
Beady Eye

Cantdance headed down to the
Troxy and got moshing at the
Beady Eye gig! It was a top,
top night and well worth the
dazed head on Friday morning.
Check out the new album.

February 2011
Van Deco

A little snap of a van we've
just had branded for
Noble House Construction.
Another happy client!

February 2011
Jimi Hendrix Mosaic

The Jimi Hendrix Mosaic is made
from 5,000 different plectrums
by artist Ed Chapman.

The mosaic was auctioned at
a charity event on February 24th,
2011 for the Cancer Research
UK’s Sound & Vision fundraiser
event. The portrait was sold for
a whopping £23,000!

We love it!

February 2011
Different Gear, Still Speeding

Well the 28th February has
arrived and so has the new
Beady Eye album. We've all been
waiting for Liams new songs
and so far they aren't failing
to disappoint. Enjoy it, we will!

February 2011
Angel Magazine Advert

Cantdance have just had this
advert published for a leading
London property developer.

It's for 2, 3 bed houses spread
over 4 floors in the heart of
Islington and competitively
priced at £850,000.

For more information click the
link below and download the
brochure we created.

February 2011
Big Love

Happy Valentine's Day.

Here is a little tip to win over your
(art loving) Valentine this year, why
not treat them to valentine heart
with a difference...
Check out Damien Hirst's 'Big Love'
print. It even comes in a diamond
dust edition for that extra special
touch!We love it! x

February 2011
Get Tested!

We love these photos by of some of
todays celebrities styled as 80's icons
by Boy George. The shoot was done
to raise awareness for the charity
'Get Tested', a hepatitis C charity.

The pics include Sadie frost as Madonna, Mathew Horne as Adam Ant and Paloma Faith as Boy George!

The Photos are currently on show at
HMV 360 Oxford Street, London WC1

January 2011
Richard Phillips

Can't Dance headed down to the
White Cube gallery over the weekend
to check out the new Richard Phillips exhibit 'Most Wanted'.
Head down to see some of todays
celebs that have been given the
Richard Phillips touch!

January 2011
Lets all paint on walls!

We love street art!! Can't Dance
picked up a great little handout
recently from Lacoste L!VE and
VNA Magazine showcasing some
amazing street artists. Check out
our faves Eelus, 'Nesting' (top pic)
and Inkie (bottom pic).
We want to paint some walls now!

January 2011
Tessa Farmer
The exhibits in Saatchi Gallery never fail
to wow us here in the studio! In the current exhibition NEWSPEAK: brITISH ART NOW PART II the piece that stuck
out was the wondrous world crafted by Tessa Farmer in her piece Swarm. We
are welcomed into a world of dark,
scary fairies at war with the insects.

January 2011
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson's 20:50 which has
been a stable Saatchi piece as the
gallery has moved from location to location. A stunning piece where the viewer is invited to walk literally into
the heart of room only to find yourself literally surrounded by the reflective
plane of oil. A must see!

January 2011
Freaky Electronique
Head down to the Vibe Bar E1
tomorrow for what we are sure
will be a great night.
See you all there!

January 2011
Beauty Porn
For your own personal
enjoyment check out these
alternative pornographic
images at

January 2011
Lipstick Heels
Cantdance love these
lipstick heels from
Alberto Guardiani.

We really will be
painting the town red!

January 2011
Fight Club
Check out this alternative
fight club movie poster.
Created by Antrepo Design
Industry the posters
shows which brands fought
to be in the film.

Only 10 were made and
can be your for as 'little'
as $200!

Gloves at the ready!

January 2011
The Lips Have It
Cantdance love these
lip urinals they came across
whilst visiting the Hemmingway
in Victoria Park, E9.

January 2011
Happy New Year Everyone
Wishing you all a merry and
successfull 2011. Love and
light to you all from the
team at Cantdance x

December 2010
Bridget Riley
Just before we leave for Christmas
we just wanted to say that we
had a mega time at the Bridget
Riley exhibition. If you get
the time it's def worth a visit.
Don't miss out on the short film
as it explains the thought
processes behind her work.
A very clever well spoken woman.

December 2010
Have a Merry Christmas
We just wanted to wish you all
a very merry Christmas and
a fantastic new year.

Best of luck for everything
in 2011!

Cantdance x

December 2010
Pirelli on it's way
One for the boys. The Pirelli
calendar 2011 has just been
launched and from this
picture it looks like we're
in for a treat. Enjoy

December 2010
Oooh, Take Me Away
In the midst of the freezing
weather we were shown this
amazing Piano Pool that lets
our minds wander to warmer
climates. Please please please
can we have one of these
for Christmas. x

December 2010
Trammer Time
Well it's the season of the Tram.
Firstly we have the huuuuge
tram disaster in Coronation
Street and the we have
this amazing tram in Italy.
Love it...well it is the season to
be jolly.

November 2010
Bridget Riley
For 50 years Bridget Riley
has been regarded as one of
Britain’s most important
abstract painters, and this
groundbreaking exhibition
at the National Gallery from
the 24th marks the artist’s
lifelong passion for paintings.
Can't bleedin' wait!

November 2010
Screamadelica Live
Well it's finally here. This
Saturday night Cantdance will
be heading down to Olympia
to see Primal Scream play
the Screamadelica from start
to finish. Probably one of the
greatest albums of all time
we can't wait to get higher
than the sun!

November 2010
The Electric Riot
All aboard the 'Riot train...
Our boys have got their
launch party on Thursday
25th November, marking
the release of the dancefloor
busting track, 'Soundbite'.
It's free to get in, and
they've got guest DJ sets
from Cheap Bordello.
Click the link below for the
teaser video...

November 2010
Ralph Lauren goes 4D
Cantdance headed to Bond Street
to see the groundbreaking 4D
movie at the Ralph Lauren store
taking advertising to a new level.
The 4th dimension...smell!
Watch this space for more
4D information.

November 2010
Mick Rock Exhibition
Another must see exhibition has
landed in London. 'The man who
shot the seventies is exhibiting
at the Generation Gallery starting
on the 11th, and we will be there!

October 2010
The Electric Riot
Just a quick reminder to get
your dancing shoes on and head
to 93 Feet East on the 30th Oct
to see The Electric Riot.

They have just won the best
live act at the recent Exposure
Music Awards and are destined
for great news.

So if you fancy a shot in the
arm of pure electro rock'n'roll
you better get down there early!

October 2010
Welcome to the Ipaper
We just wanted to say
hello to the latest daily
newspaper to his our stands.

The baby of the Independent is
a lot smaller than it's mother
paper which is great.

A paper for clever people who
can't be arsed to sit around all
day reading the news!

October 2010
Best Band In The World
Always the topic of much fun
in the Cantdance office...who
is the best band in the world
today? Well we just want to
congratulate Kasabian for taking
the title at the recent Q awards.

October 2010
Just to let you all know that
our very own Manny has
surrended to the religion that
is apple. Yep...he's ditched
the Blackberry for a new
Mistress, namely the Iphone4.

After a few teething problems
with reception and syncing
it's now moved into full
overdrive and is his new little

Beware of flying arms whilst
he's motoring down the high
street listening to his tooons!

October 2010
Come Around Sundown
Well it's finall here. The most
anticipated album of the year
has finally arrived on our desks.
Did we ever really doubt that
teh Kings of Leon would ever
let us down with their latest
collection of rock'n'roll.

Don't forget to buy your tickets
for Hyde Park next Summer.

October 2010
Diamond Club
Cantdance took watching football
to the ultimate level with a day
in the Arsenal Diamond Club.
So that's where all the
money goes!
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